On the Go in 10 Minutes or Less

For all of you who don’t have the time to sit in front of a mirror for 45 minutes to do a full face of makeup, this is for you! It’s perfect if you’re running late or just don’t feel like taking forever to get ready. I’ve added a primer to make the makeup last all day so you don’t even need to worry about touching up during the day. All you really need are 7 products, and even if that seems like a lot to you, I promise it’s the easiest and fastest thing to do. 

These really are your basic makeup essentials: foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, and blush. I added the primer for a long-lasting effect and the brows because, well…they’re my thing. 

IMG_5425 From left to right:

Lorac Cobra Mascara $20 — One of my new favorites! It’s extremely black and the brush is literally shaped like a cobra head which is perfect to curl the lashes.

Lorac POREfection Mattifying Face Primer $32 — I probably wouldn’t buy this on my own, I just had a sample lying around. I personally don’t think it’s worth the money. Any kind of primer will give your makeup staying power, it doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation in shade 20 Beige $57 — Crazy expensive, I know… But this foundation stays all day and matches my skin tone perfectly. If you want a less expensive version, try Benefit ‘Hello Flawless!’ Oxygen Wow ($36) or Maybelline Fit Me ($7.99)

Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blush in shade 10 Nude ($9.99) — The 6 shades in this line are absolutely beautiful. They are quite shimmery, hence the ‘highlight’, but if this is the only product you’ll be putting on your cheeks, it will give you a healthy glow.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer in 210 Fair ($9.99) — My all-time favorite drugstore concealer. I use this every day because it’s great for getting rid of those dark circles under your eyes. The foam tip is great for applying, but best blended in using your finger.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Loose Finishing Powder ($34) — Again, this product is overpriced in my opinion. Yes it’s great at soaking up excess oil, but there are a lot of comparable products out there. Try Revlon PhotoReady Translucent Finisher ($12.99)

Benefit Gimme Brow ($22) — Technically, this product isn’t needed if you’re trying to get out the door and your brows aren’t that important to you. However, I feel completely naked without anything on my brows so this gel instantly fills in a lot of the sparse areas. 



If I wasn’t doing this to help you guys out, I probably wouldn’t post this on the internet…But if you wake up looking anything like me, I feel your pain.

IMG_5371 Cute right? No worries, we’ll fix this.

First, grab whichever foundation you’ll be using and dot it on your face. Make sure to get some on your neck so you don’t have that awesome foundation line along your jaw. IMG_5375

It may be a little hard to see since this foundation matches so perfectly, but it’s there. Just blend it out and you’ll get an even skin tone to start working with! 


Next it’s time to conceal. I’d still suggest using the upside down triangles to highlight the under eye area, but if you don’t want to put that much work into it you don’t have to. Add a little wherever you feel like you need extra coverage or wherever you want to highlight.

Let me tell you how hard it is to take yourself seriously when you look like this… probably took me 10 pictures to not laugh


Blend, blend, blend! This is always going to be the most important thing you can do no matter what you’re putting on. You don’t want any harsh lines on your face, just a nice gradient.


Time to set with powder. This just keeps everything in place without you having to worry about your makeup melting off in the middle of the day. Take your brush or powder puff and tap along the surface of your skin. You want to be gentle and use tapping motions in order to press the product into your skin. If you’d like to buff and use circular motions, still be cautious and gentle enough to not take off any of the makeup you’ve already applied.


To add some color, grab any blush you’d like and place it on the apples of your cheeks. I always blend my blush towards my hairline just so you don’t have weird circles on your face. It’s about having a wash of color over your skin, not looking like a doll. IMG_5392

Here’s the optional eyebrow step. Just take any brow gel and comb through the brows. This will just fill in any little spots without going through an entire brow routine. If you’re happy with your brows as they are, you can just skip this and move right onto mascara.



Next just add your favorite mascara and you’re done! I always put one coat on my lower lashes because it makes the eyes appear larger and more awake. I’m a total mascara junkie so the more the merrier for me. If this isn’t your thing, just skip it! 



Here’s the finished look! Simple but still beautiful. This should take you about 10 minutes so everyone can fit this into their schedules. Of course you can always add and take away some steps, but this is what I feel should be the bare minimum. Hope this helps some of you! Xoxo


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