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We’ve all seen it: someone posted another picture on some form of social media  claiming they sell amazing products that’ve changed their lives. If you’re anything like me, you are probably super skeptical about how great these things actually work… if they’re so good why aren’t they sold in stores?! Unfortunately, this kind of skepticism is a huge reason behind what I’m going to call “post shaming”. Every day we see celebrities and influencers talk about products that we’ve never heard of, yet we rush out to the nearest store and buy the products with no questions asked. There have been numerous times where I’ve seen a YouTuber try new makeup and an hour later I’m at Ulta with a $200 bill all because some person (who I don’t even know) thinks a product works well.

I’ve been approached by people who sell things on social media before, whether it be to help a company sell jewelry, sunglasses, and the now infamous hair care products. For the longest time I just didn’t want to be “one of those girls”. You know the ones – they post huge claims about life-changing products and how much money they’ve made by never leaving the house… I rolled my eyes at that one plenty of times myself. Then I thought to myself, what in the hell do I have to lose by giving something a try? If someone can get that offended by someone posting a picture of a product then truthfully there’s probably larger problems in their life..

Anyway, it’s probably no surprise to any of you that I sell Monat hair care products. I guarantee you’ve seen numerous posts about “magic shampoo” or “miracle oil” – if not from me, then someone else. However I’m actually here to say GUYS, THE SHIT WORKS. I have literally never been interested in hair products – I just kinda throw whatever I have on my head and leave it at that. There’s been a recent surge of products going sulfate / paraben free and now things are going one step further. Monat’s products are completely naturally based – there’s more essential oils, plant extracts, and antioxidants than you can name.

Just a quick glance at Monat ingredients vs ingredients found in a majority of beauty products:





Truthfully, if I was so interested in purely making money, there’s no way in hell I’d spend an hour writing this all out – but like I said THIS STUFF FREAKING WORKS. I have incredibly oily and fine hair. After two months of being on this shampoo and conditioner, my hair has gotten thicker, my split ends have completely vanished, I wash my hair every 2 to 3 days, and it’s grown almost 2 inches which is absolutely ridiculous for my hair. I use these products because they work and I genuinely love them – and I will not for a second be ashamed to post about them and tell people how great they are because I believe in them. As soon as I got over my skepticism and fear of being “that girl” I realized that I got my hands on some pretty amazing things and I have the results to prove it.




This picture was taken two months ago. You can see how much shorter my hair was as well as how damaged the ends were. There’s a lot of frizz and dryness going on towards the ends which is something I’ve always struggled with. I’ve always used a ton of heat on my hair which has contributed to that breakage, but now I can just let my hair air dry and it comes out smooth and shiny, even if it never touches heat.





This photo was taken today – you can see the color has even improved and it’s a completely unedited photo. This was after I had only blow dried my hair – no styling tools or any products were used. My hair has never looked better and I have never been so stress – free when it comes to getting ready


You never have anything to lose when it comes to taking care of yourself – which is exactly what these products have helped me achieve. From all of my makeup posts and random rants, you know by now I LOVE talking about beauty tips and things that I stand by. So, if you’re ever interested in learning about having amazing hair AND possibly making some extra money while doing it, let me know.In the meantime I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing and loving every second of it : )


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Forcing yourself to think

Yesterday I was beyond amazed at how many people reacted to my post. I woke up and saw Facebook shares, tagged statuses, and an overwhelming amount of love which made my day. I’d gotten more views than I ever have before – people in Germany, Norway, and Italy all read my words. As a person who’s traveled to each of those countries, let me just say that I think my soft spot for Europe got a little bigger today. It’s reasons like this I love the internet and social media so much – someone’s message can get across to SO many people that it inevitably permeates cultural differences and viewpoints. Just stopping for a moment to realize that I’ve connected with another person in another country solely on a human to human level is astonishing.

Okay, sorry, bragging aside now. Today is a gloomy and overcast day here in Florida and I’m desperately trying to get myself into a good mindset. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that the weather has the ability to influence my mood much more than I’d like to admit. On days like this I always feel so blah, ya know? Like no matter how hard I try to smile and be bubbly all I think about is laying in my bed with a piping hot cup of tea listening to Lana del Rey’s eerily beautiful voice. Even though I find myself being tempted to have just an okay-ish day today, I realize my thoughts also kind of tend to float off into memories of things I love. Weird, I know. But I swear I’ve kind of trained myself to think of twice as many good things when I feel like I’m flirting with another blasé kind of mood. So, in the spirit of spreading more positivity than melancholy thoughts, I figured I’d share 5 completely random things that bring a smile to my face. Honestly, all of these things may seem insignificant, but they never fail to brighten my mood, even if its for a second.


1. Really, really good smelling candles

2. Chanel Perfume

3. Babies playing with their parents

4. Law & Order SVU

5. Literally anything that has to do with Christmas


Food for Thought

I’m in the kitchen making dinner and I’m wearing sweatpants and a sports bra. Today, this is the first time I’ve felt pretty. My stomach is out and my arms aren’t covered – the two body parts I’m probably most self-conscious about and again, it’s the first time I’ve felt pretty.

This probably means nothing to anyone but myself, but for those who’ve struggled with any kind of body image issues you know how important moments like these are. I’ve never had a great relationship with food… like, ever. I’ve gone from a normal little girl, to a chunky teenager, to whatever label I’d consider myself now – but then again I also wonder, why do I even have to put a label on it anyway? Why should I categorize my body into some pre-supposed box so that others can qualify it.

Until I was about 16 I was a big girl. Not in the self-degrading kind of “big” girl way but in the sense that when I was in middle school I wore a women’s size 12. I never really weighed myself much but I do remember being at the pediatrician’s office and hearing I weighed 168 pounds. Oh, and I was probably 5’3″ at the time… When I would stay home sick from school I would eat an entire box of Kraft macaroni and cheese and just lay in bed. I didn’t play sports, I didn’t belong in any kind of clubs, but I never really thought to myself how unhappy I was.

But, just like any struggling weight story, I hit a block where I couldn’t take being big any more. I would do my best to hardly eat – I’d genuinely get anxious if I had anything more than some lettuce. I spent so much time obsessing about food, trying to take the joy of it away that it consumed everything. Luckily, I had people who noticed my new habits and cared enough to make me realize what I was doing. I got so lucky. I did this for maybe three weeks before people noticed and snapped me back into reality. Now, that’s not the anorexia story thousands of girls have struggled with, that was just my short experience. Either way, it’s never okay.

As I got older and my body matured, I naturally slimmed out in places. However, I was still never one of the “small girls” and it didn’t help that all of my closest friends were size 2s and carefree. But, my “bigness” did subside a little and I started feeling more like a “normal” girl. The biggest change though was when I went to college. Everyone’s heard of the Freshman Fifteen and how being out on your own can make you gain a ton of weight. Luckily, I did the exact opposite. I lost maybe 20 pounds in the first few months of my freshman year, but that wasn’t due to great nutrition and exercise. I was so unhappy with where I was in life and school that I just never paid much attention to what I ate. I became somewhat depressed and literally drove the 7 hours home almost every weekend just to get away.

Throughout my time in college my weight fluctuated, naturally. So, of course, my feelings about myself fluctuated as well. Yet, through all of this I still managed to get down to a size 4, as if that number has anything to do with my worth. In today’s world with all of the Instagram models and Kim Kardashian bodies, it’s SO hard to not compare yourself to other people out there. Social media can be a great tool to uplift and motivate women, but often times it’s also a place where “normal” girls can go and feel inadequate.

Today, I LOVE eating vegetables and finding healthier options for food. However I still also LOVE eating an entire pizza while watching Netflix and maybe bragging about working out three times in a year. It’s just balance! Am I the poster child for body positivity and love? Absolutely not. Today do I feel good enough about myself to hopefully inspire someone out there to love themselves a little more? OF COURSE!

The fact of the matter is no one is ever going to feel 100% confident all the time. But, when we do have those moments it’s so important to nurture them and see how valuable they are to our overall well-being. To this day I still don’t look at scales and I second guess myself after indulging in a whole pint of ice cream but i have also learned the value of my qualities, not my numerical quantity.

All I leave you with is this – even on your absolute worst self-deprecating days, you’re so much more valued and worthy than your inner “doubtful voice” let’s you recognize.

Cheers to food & life 🙂