Forcing yourself to think

Yesterday I was beyond amazed at how many people reacted to my post. I woke up and saw Facebook shares, tagged statuses, and an overwhelming amount of love which made my day. I’d gotten more views than I ever have before – people in Germany, Norway, and Italy all read my words. As a person who’s traveled to each of those countries, let me just say that I think my soft spot for Europe got a little bigger today. It’s reasons like this I love the internet and social media so much – someone’s message can get across to SO many people that it inevitably permeates cultural differences and viewpoints. Just stopping for a moment to realize that I’ve connected with another person in another country solely on a human to human level is astonishing.

Okay, sorry, bragging aside now. Today is a gloomy and overcast day here in Florida and I’m desperately trying to get myself into a good mindset. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that the weather has the ability to influence my mood much more than I’d like to admit. On days like this I always feel so blah, ya know? Like no matter how hard I try to smile and be bubbly all I think about is laying in my bed with a piping hot cup of tea listening to Lana del Rey’s eerily beautiful voice. Even though I find myself being tempted to have just an okay-ish day today, I realize my thoughts also kind of tend to float off into memories of things I love. Weird, I know. But I swear I’ve kind of trained myself to think of twice as many good things when I feel like I’m flirting with another blasé kind of mood. So, in the spirit of spreading more positivity than melancholy thoughts, I figured I’d share 5 completely random things that bring a smile to my face. Honestly, all of these things may seem insignificant, but they never fail to brighten my mood, even if its for a second.


1. Really, really good smelling candles

2. Chanel Perfume

3. Babies playing with their parents

4. Law & Order SVU

5. Literally anything that has to do with Christmas


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